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357 v 45 colt

how we love to fight over the usefulness of these two calibers when it comes to deer. i think i can figure out a resolution.

neither is perferct, when compared to a 30-30.

now, the 357.

-light bullets NOT for deer, no penetration light wounding unless short range out of a rifle
-small diameter meplat wiht cast bullets.
-hunting loads equal above usual recoil

good things
-good trajectory
-god muzzle energy.
some hunting loads fizzle out at 550 foot pounds, but good ones can hit 780 ftpounds

45 colt

problems, unless you get a specific gun you cannot use the ruger only loads.
-regular hunting loads are still in the standard 4-450 foot pounds of me. not bad, but still the low end for 357 hunting loads
-trajectory drops. especially if you opt for that short, easier to handle barrel length.

recoil with a full power regur only load is brutal, but so are many 357 loads.

so you can choose fast shooting 357 da/sa, scope it, use heavier bullets, and get the same energy as normal 44 mag hunting loads, with the recoil of a 45 colt hunting load, but get trajectory the 45 cant.
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