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If I may point out a personal observation?

the original intention of this project was to be able to readily switch back and forth between military configuration and a practical sporting configuration with a later goal of being able to move to tactical class rifle added somewhere down the line.

now you have covered the rifle in paint which was not originally used by the russians so it's not really a military correct finish anymore. in addition you are taking it to be drilled and tapped, a process that not only permanently alters the reciever but is also not easily removed/re-added and given the usually shallow holes and thin threads associated with D&T would easily result in stripped threads with too many changings/improper torque.

if you mentioned this already I apologize but I haven't seen whether the bent bolt is a replacement bolt or if it's the one that came with the rifle but if it's the only bolt you have then that not only goes on to increase the difficulty of returning it to military configuration but also would require the military stock to be inletted as well.

I do admire your attention to detail and determination to find the modifications that you find most aesthetically appealing but it does seem as if this project has completely wandered from it's original intent and is now nothing more than a search to turn a mosin nagant into something that it's not.
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