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This comes down to reliance on authority versus observation in the physical world.
You're confusing "expedient" with "proper".

No one's saying it won't work, and that wasn't the question. The question was about the "proper" way to lubricate the gun, and the way one goes about determining the "proper" way is to consult an established authority--i.e. the manufacturer, a respected expert on the topic, or an established gunsmith with expertise with that type of weapon.
...evidence in the physical world shows that no such problem exists.

...without deleterious effects..
Whether it's a problem or not is irrelevant to the topic of whether or not it is PROPER.

If the manufacturer of a firearm says the proper way is X and I do Y instead, it may work just fine, and I may have all sorts of reasons, rationalizations and opinions about why it's not a problem (some of which may even actually be valid), but none of them will make Y the proper way to do it because until I know as much about the firearm as the manufacturer does, I'm not the authority on what's proper and what's not.

More to the point, if a gun is not running under the conditions that the manufacturer spells out as proper, the owner is generally either entitled to redress from the manufacturer for not providing a working firearm, or, at the least, needs to have his weapon checked over to determine why it is not operating as it should.
Could you reference who in this thread advised "....'squirt' oil all up in the chamber." ?
"...keep the chamber and bolt nice and wet..."
"I not only spray (small pump sprayer, not aerosol) a little Hoppes in the chamber..."
"...shot of Breakfree into the chamber..."
Ha, Ha, love it.
So you're really saying you think that the AR manufacturers are keeping everyone in the dark about how to make their products work? What's their motivation for doing something like that?
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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