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No, I wouldn't buy another Glock ( or any Glock for that matter ) ....but it isn't about us telling you what to buy ....

Its about what fits your hands the best, what controls you like, what grip angle you like, what sights you like, ergonomics, etc...../ I can tell you to buy a Sig 226 ( good solid full sized gun, good investment in my view --- but they make about 20 different versions of the 226 ...with 3 or 4 different trigger systems...)....

I don't have any idea what you like ....get to a range that rents guns / and rent every 9mm in the case, even the glocks, and figure out what you like - and what you don't like.....
and don't exclude revolvers necessarily ..../ and have fun with the process and figuring this stuff out

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