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How much for an M1 carbine - 1943 prod.


I was looking for some reloading stuff and visited an LGS in a nearby town and found a 1943 M1 Carbine priced at $975.00. It's the real deal, not an "after market" copy. Serial is 536461 and the # on the barrel is 7043. It's got the original "canvas" army type sling and comes with on 15 round mag. I should have taken a pic of it to post here . . . guess I as drooling too much. Anyway I'm in new territory here and am wondering if this is a decent buy? Also wondering if this gun will go up in price over time. I mean this is a collector's item kind of thing . . . right. The other amazing thing is that the little woman is okay with me buying it. Guess it's the new deck I'm building her.
So, what do you thing. Is this a good price? Worth getting? Talk to me.

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