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well just got my rock solid bolt and mount.

ive just die grinned the boyds stock, easy to do , just took a while to shape, i think it came out nice, im planning to bring BL to a local gunsmith and have him tap mount points and thread them so i can put the RSI mount.

after discussing some emails with barska, they guarantee 3 scope series to withstand the mosin nagant and have assured me of the lifetime warranty on these models. these models are (sniper series, tactical series, and ridge runner series). personally for the way i shoot im looking at the sniper gen 2 , i was also thinking of adding a rail on top to mount a small red dot for close combat, scope for long and red dot for close range(25 yards at most), just an idea, not fully developed but i like the concept of a distance shooter with the ability for close up defense.

ill post some picks of the new bolt and stock inlet so you guys can see it. i think it took me 10 minutes? to get it done, the stock was soft and was easy to shape.

after talking to archangel, ive decided to wait till the green aa9130 stock is out, as green is my favorite color, and it would suit my environment
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