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Sounds like someone really failed the OP at explaining WHY it is that they could not sell the gun to him. I can't in all honesty say I might not have been miffed as well, and I have purchased a glock through the blue label program. Most shops I know that may stock LE guns do so subtly or without much fanfare so that they do not tick off those who do not qualify for the discount. It is all in the care, or lack there of that the customer gets.

As this thread proves there is a fair bit of myth and misunderstanding involved in all of this.

Another example of this is the Remington police shotguns; talk to a shop that does not have a relationship with a distributor that carries them and they are verboten, rare, special or whatever. Talk to a shop that does and they ask you how many you want to buy unless it's one under 18 inches in which case you have to do NFA paper on it. And there are plenty of people in shops, gun shows or on the street that will INSIST that the police guns are somehow harder to get or restricted.

What is even funnier is the fact some will insist that the blue label glocks are somehow better....

Oh and Zero problem here with cops getting a discount on their gear. Guess what.. your vet gets their dog food at a discount, your mechanic likely gets his tools cheaper than you or I and when was the last time anyone in congress paid for a meal on their own? The list goes on. Anyone on the list of canidates for the glock program deserves it in my opinion.

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