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My dad owned 5 shotguns when he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away a number of years ago. The day after the funeral our mom called us all into one of the bedrooms where she had lain out all 5 shotguns. She told us that it had been dad's wishes when he passed that each of his 5 children would take one of his shotguns. We all went in order of age and somehow, miraculously each of us ended up with the exact gun that we wanted to remember dad by. I kept mine in it's case for about 15 years before taking it out to shoot. It was an awesome shooter and I have since given it to my son and he uses it every duck season, as my dad did, in honor of his grandpa. I must say, I have seen him make shots I wouldn't even try and I am a much better shot than he is. There is no doubt in my mind that whenever he is holding his grandpa's duck shotgun that his grandpa is guiding him and helping him make the kind of shots his grandpa made regularly.
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