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Long time shooter (over 35 years so far)

JUST getting into shotshell reloading

Have a few rifles of different calibers...some of which are "keepers" like my M1903A4 & my Swede M43 (Husqvarna made M96)
One of my pet calibers is my little 6.8SPC - a Rem 700 LTR (the ONLY 6.8-cal LTR that the importers brought into the UK) - a lovely round in a bolt action

Used to be into pistol shooting - illegal here now (apart from Isle of Man and/or Northern Ireland)

Used to be an AR15A2 owner: that & my Ivor Johnson M1 carbine went in the self loading rifle ban!!

We do have a few good laws here though....and the odd bargain can still be found

For my sins I am self-employed, I have a small specialist leather goods business supplying shooters and military collectors

Will have to see if I recognise any others on the forum as I have the same user name on most of the boards I visit

Happy shooting!!
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