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Then take a peek at the LH side of the Ruger's cylinder frame.

If the frame's stamped "New Vaquero", then your correct in that it cannot take loads as strenuous as the Model 92.

But, if it's just stamped "Vaquero", it's an "Old Vaquero, with the larger frame - and can accept loads that are fully the equal of anything the Model 92 will.

All sharp-shouldered boolits, like Keith-style SWC's, don't usually cycle/feed easily (if at all) in most leverguns.

I used to use (commercial) Cor-Bon loads in my Rossi M92 .45 Colt for hunting, before I sold the rifle.
The Cor-Bons are strenuous loads, and (according to their label) are rated @ 1100fps - but IDK from what bbl length.

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