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45lc load for both a new vaquero and 1892 lever gun

Since I was little I always had a thing for western style firearms but did not grow up in a firearm friendly home or community. About 6 months ago I purchased my first firearm, a Miroku made Winchester 1892 case hardened sporter in 45LC. I also (more recently) purchased a new Ruger Vaquero 7.5 inch barrel in 45LC as well. I’ve done some research prior to and after my purchase but since I’m so new to firearm ownership; I’m looking to get opinions on a load I could use for both firearms. I’ve read that people tend to use hand loads as most factory loads can be anemic and/or expensive and I’m definitely open to hand loading although I know I need much more experience using the guns and studying the process. In a load, this is what I’m looking for:

1. I plan to keep the rifle with factory specs (open sights). So I would probably only need accurate rounds out to about 100 yards out of the 24 inch barrel of the rifle

2. No hot loads. I know the 1892 can take them but not the vaquero.

3. Bullets that can cycle through the 1892. I was first thinking a kieth style swc but read they may not cycle through the lever action

4. Killing power. I’ve never hunted (although I would like to get into it) but want the load capable of taking white tailed deer. I don’t need bear killing power, but I would like a load that could be used defensively against dangerous game (just eastern US). Also the minimal muzzle velocity for deer hunting in my state is 1200fps and I would like the load to meet or exceed that.

I’m guessing I’m asking for too much here. If you could please phrase your answers so a novice like me could understand it would be greatly appreciated. Also any advice for getting started with firearms/hand loading/hunting is also greatly appreciated.
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