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Here is an article that is a good read about the Hk.

UBL was killed with an op rod gun. What do you send "When you only care to send the very best"? - Dev Group (Or Delta or 24th STS, or Ground Branch, FBI HRT, TSA, etc) with HK416's. Built from he ground up to be the most reliable, combat rifle. While its competition in dependability would be the AK, it beats it hand down in accuracy. Heck even the California Swat that responded to the Santa Monica shooting were all decked out in them. It's not to spend more money, I assure you they choose them because they want the very best when their lives are on the line. Now I am not talking of Adams piston kits or any other that was designed to fit into a DI gun, but only about Hk. If I get on LWRC it would be even more long winded.. And I am
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