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The 1911 seems to be pulling ahead. The late, great Jeff Cooper thought that the Glock was a suitable sidearm for the military and he was a 1911 lover and real fussy about his guns.

When I started the poll it got me thinking about it. I did carry a 1911 in Vietnam. We were not allowed to carry cocked and locked or even with one in the chamber but out in the field, away from the officers, we did what we had to do to stay alive. I started thinking about what I would choose today and decided on the Sig P226. I thought about it so much I ended up buying the Combat version in FDE with the internal parts covered in Phosphor to prevent rusting.

I had just bought a Micro Desert Eagle when a new Colt Mustang Pocketlite appeared online after waiting almost two years to find one at non auction prices. So I bought that also just a few weeks ago. However with the combination of my birthday and Father's day coming up my wife gave me the official OK to buy the Sig and I am looking at it right now.

I fully trust a long barreled 9mm gun with the right ammo. You get to a point in "stopping" power charts when it is like comparing which caliber makes you deader. It does not matter much after a certain point and in fact, only matters as far as penetration goes. I do not care what caliber you use, if it does not hit a vital area it is not going to be anymore effective than another caliber that misses. A 9 to the head will stop someone just as well as a .45. I keep reading and saying that with the proper modern ammo there is little real life difference among the major calibers we often discuss. Penetration and accuracy far outpace caliber choice.

The good things about the .45, as an example, is that even ball is effective. With 9mm you have to be more savvy about ammo and not just buy what is on sale or what you saw blow up a watermelon on YouTube. My friends and family in the NYCPD tell me that the Speer Gold Dot 9mm +P does a very good job when they hit what they are aiming for.

So, if I could pick my ammo I would rather have 15 rounds of 9mm than 8 of .45. Having faced charging hordes of enemy soldiers, more is better than less. Nobody I know ever was concerned about the caliber they were shot with. They all reacted the same no matter what hit them.

P.S. - I doubt that anyone who has seen combat would choose a revolver or gun designed for concealed carry. You really want high capacity due to the fact that unlike a civilian and even an LEO, you often will be defending against large numbers of people out to kill you. I love revolvers but not for any situation that pits me against more than 2-3 adversaries. However, I did know a few officers that carried revolvers in Nam but we were in the mobile artillery so we were always in a defensive role during combat as our guns were priority targets. We did not hump the boonies looking for trouble in small groups. We had our whole company with us and in that circumstance, a revolver would not be a bad choice as you are fighting on your home turf and weapons and ammo were readily available. Something not found out in the field.
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