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Continuing my role (of course, I'm not going empty handed to a "knife fight" any time soon)...

Ken, those sound very interesting but I imagine they were designed for swords... even so, I'd love to see it. Is there anywhere I can view a "knife throw"? The only place I've seen one is in videogames where the enemy is impaled first before being thrown.

RazorsEdge, well I think there are SOME advantages. Still haven't addressed the legal issues (basically illegal to carry any decent fighting knife in just about any major city) or limited force (why police don't carry them) or just the fact your hands will always be with you. Regardless, remember to be polite to us Asians cuz we all know Kung Fu!

Glamdring, I could see that... the knife-like sai was used by Japanese police, however, that's an edgeless weapon... and Kenshin (fictional character) uses a sabaka sword (a "reverse" sword with a blunt edge and sharp side inside the curve). I mean, I can use a knife for non lethal attacks in the same way I can use gun to pistol whip someone.

I think the legal issue is important though... it just seems to me that the majority of physical confrontation (more often hot tempers than life threatening situation) ends in such a way that you'd wish you hadn't used a knife (not to say you shouldn't carry one, I've got a Crawford Kasper folder most of the time). But hell, if I can still throw and control an angry drunk without giving up my knife advantage... maybe I should (though, being larger AND flashing a knife probably wouldn't be in my advantage)? So any info on where to see the knife throws, grappling, controling?
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