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No tahunua001, I wasn't comparing to a DPMS
hmm... kindof sounds like you were.
I promise eight out of ten times you will have to clean yours first.
HK is also an exception to the rule. DD, AA, Ruger, Stag, all of the common suspects do not have self regulating gas systems and suffer greatly for it.

also, Milspec ARs are not the best in the first place. HK is quite possibly the highest quality mass produced AR on the market... a DPMS/Bushmaster/Remington M4 is not going to be in the same ball park. I wonder if you were to compare your HK to a Seekins precision or Larue tactical if the fight would be so one sided?

EDIT: I also added the modifyer, within reason. shooting 1000 rounds in 20 minutes is not what I would call reasonable use. I'm talking about 1 slow mag dump(say 2 seconds per shot) every 10 minutes or so.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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