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I think all revolvers have their own specific qualities... This is a tough one. I like Genre guns. Colts are awsome film noir guns... The hard boiled Dick with a butt hanging from the side of his mouth, holding a colt detective special, cracking wise to the villian. And of course the uniformed cop chasing down a bad guy pulling a Colt official police out of a flap holster... Or the storekeeper defending his store pulls a colt police positive special from under the counter. I cant remember the name of the Bogart movie where he has a hidden compartment in his car with two guns... A detective special, and a police positive special.

On the other hand I like the S&W line too... The police detective with the chief special in a cross draw holster... The old cop pulling the 5" military and police from a swivel holster, the private dick wearing an old lawrence shoulder holster with a round butt model 10.

OK so I like movie guns... I think both lines have individual qualities. The Colts have classic flowing lines, while the Smiths look dangerous, and intimidating.

I own both... I like Smiths better... but thats personal.
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