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Gangster Getters....

In the "Crime Wave" era of the 1920s & 1930s, many crooks took to the .38Super caliber for its high vel & use against common barriers like auto glass & metal of the period.

Today, many in US law enforcement view the .40S&W or the under-rated .357sig pistol caliber as working best with auto glass, vehicles, engines, etc.
I read a article about a mid south state LE agency(KY or TN) saying approx 90% of the use of force shootings were near or in motor vehicles. They issued the .40 to all sworn members.
The Texas Department of Public Safety & the state police of NM, RI, VA, & DE have all used the .357sig for nearly 15 years with great results.

I'd feel well armed with a .357sig duty pistol if I were a state trooper or DoT inspector.
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