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allarounder, good point about the follower. i just found out that when i try to fee Rio Royal ammo into the tube the first round gets hung up on the follower. the rolled lip is long and deep on the end of Rio's ammo and due to the taper on the stock follower the lip of the shell gets wedged up there and makes the round very hard to force in. the second round is no problem because the lip isnt getting hung up on the follower. i plan to change out followers and i was just looking at the gg&g. have you ever run rio ammo, or have you had any other issues with that follower?

also, what else did you do to increase reliability. i recently picked mine up (ordered it ages ago but too forever to come in) so i dont have much more than 100 rounds down range and so far so good, but if there is anything simple I can do to help increase reliability id like to.
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