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Originally Posted by Dwight55
It is a hold over in my training from less peaceful days as a platoon sgt of a light infantry company.

"If you have the enemy on the move, don't give him time to regroup, think, or sort out his options, . . . pursue and engage"...
On the other hand, coordinated group combat is different from solo house clearing with an ensconced adversary present.

Originally Posted by Dwight55
. . . forcing them to move, . . . would most likely cause them also to reveal their true location by the noise they made by moving.
If there were someone there, he might choose not to move to instead ambush you. Or there could have been more then one Bad Guy willing to engage you.

We've discussed the inadvisability of solo house clearing here, here, here, and here.

So it really appears that things worked out for you because there was really no one there who wanted to do you harm. Had there been someone there who wanted to do you harm, things might not have worked out so well.
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