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Well it depends. Most companies make a reliable DI gun. There are only a few that make a reliable piston LWRC,HK..etc. I have the Hk MR556, it is the most accurate (under 20") I have ever shot. Run some Blackhills through it and it is sub MOA. On the other hand I had an AR with an FN barrel and it shot almost as close groups. I have a RRA 24" Varmint that will blow both out of the water.

DI does work. The only time (IMHO) that a piston driven is better is in very fine sand or water. Both are great creations. But admittedly,they created a fix for a very minute problem with the piston gun. From my experience the piston guns are cleaner and require less lube to run. But they usually come with a price that that would allow you to buy a DI gun and a lifetime supply of moly-slide or other lube...

The difference is the DI uses a tube that pushes gas from the bullet leaving the barrel back to the bolt and forces it back to load another round. The piston guns, the gas moves a piston and the piston moves the bolt. It keeps some of the hot gasses out of the chamber.

IGunny40, I won't judge your situation. My father bought me my first pistol at 16. He only bought me my own because I was wearing his I shot rifles at 6 y/o. My parents taught me responsibility and during my summer vacation, I worked for my dad to buy a brick of .22's each week. I spent my evenings shooting in my backyard.
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