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Grays populate the cities & towns here in this State And those nasty little Reds. They own the woods. Like little watch dogs those Reds are. Always alerting everything else in the bushes when they see a human out and about. I have taken notice the deer hardly pay any attention to them Reds and their annoying chattering. Thank Goodness.
I always thought that castrating story was a old wives' tale. But apparently not.
The only person I know that actually ate Reds was my 15 year old son and his hunting pal. A whole 12" skillet full they fried up one evening and dined on. I asked how were they. "Not too bad tasting but awfully gassy." was the sons reply as was his pal in full agreement So there you have it fellows. If you have intentions to harvest a few Reds for the table. Best swallow a box of Gas-X first._
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