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The "plan" was to herd the individual, . . . if they existed, . . . into either the bathroom or the closet, . . . neither of which have another exit.
Hmmm....some folks can be herded.
These are ususally unarmed peaceful folks.

But herding an armed intruder (or armed intruders) might prove much more difficult.
Especially ones that might be hiding and ready to ambush you, or ones willing to stand and shoot it out with you.

And backing a possibly armed and possibly desperate intruder (or intruders) in to a corner with no escape route might lead that intruder to feel that he has no alternative but to shoot it out with you.

I didn't wait at all, . . . moved straight past the north door, . . . circling around to the west door of that room
Why the rush?
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