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Art : yeah I don't know either thats why I asked . Really all I do with a new rifle is run a bore snake with CLP threw a few time to make sure there is nothing from the factory left behind and go shoot . No break-in or anything . For one of my rifles I'm not even cleaning the bore at all after shooting . I heard of this copper equilibrium idea and i'm trying it out . The idea is at some point you are removing just as much fouling from the bore as your leaving . At that point you have reached a copper and fouling equilibrium and your rifle should shoot the same from shot to shot for a few hundred rounds . The rifle should have no POI shift from the last time you went shooting or from the first shot of the day to the last shot of the day . Thats the theory any ways I'll see sonn enough . I only have about 50 rounds threw the rifle as of now and that was one range trip . I gotta say it was hard just putting the rifle away and not clean it . I did whipe it down but nothing to the bore . It felt like I was letting an old friend down .
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