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Thanks guys. Funny thing is I don't recollect ever shooting my present SKS on paper. It is always at other reactive sorts of targets at longer (200 to 300 yard) ranges, sometimes really close at clay pigeons.

Sure is a lot of fun. I wondered.

Some time ago I read a story about a guy who took the entire sleeve with front sight, bayonet, etc., off his SKS. He glass bedded it into a plastic stock of some sort, and installed a very solid scope base, and was getting surprisingly good accuracy from his. I wish I could find that story. When he finished up he had no iron sights at all, but a decent little rifle.

As far as Russian ammo not being entirely accurate, I watched a kid shoot "Hot Shot" brand ammo a few years back out of a WASR10, and he held right at 2 MOA, even to about 400 yards. So I ran some over my chronograph. I no longer remember the velocities, but I do remember that 3 of the 5 shots posted the exact same velocities.
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