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[QUOTE]I would not recommend spraying oil into the chamber. [/QUOTE

I know, I used to think this was kind of foolish too. But when shooting Wolf steel cased ammo, I not only spray (small pump sprayer, not aerosol) a little Hoppes in the chamber and a very light spray on the exterior of the cartridges before I load them into the magazine. I hate to say it, but this has been working for me.

Also, since I don't want to shoot my good brass 9mm (right now), I have been using Wolf steel 9mm in my Sig X-Five as well - and yes, I spray down the cartridges with a little oil before loading them into the magazine....and a spray into the chamber as well. This keeps my X-Five and AR from knowing it is being fed crappy Wolf ammo. It's sort of like sprinkling a little sugar and butter on stale bread.
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