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Smith and Wesson model 422 magazine problem

I have a S&W model 422 that I acquired some years back, it has an issue where the mag will not fully insert into the mag well, its like something is stopping it from inserting all the way,,today I dug it out from the closet floor and tinkered around with it a bit,,i took the grips off and tried inserting the mag to see what was stopping it from engaging all the way,,i noticed there is like some sort of locking mechanism? on the right side of the gun that has a little notch that slides over the magazine to lock it in place but the mag wont go up far enough for this to happen, i took a small screw driver and inserted the mag and while keeping upward pressure i gently pried up on the mechanism and the mag inserted fully,,,,great !! not really ,,, i racked the slide to cock the pistol but when i pull the trigger nothing happpens, i tried to release the mag but it wouldnt release without using the screwdriver to lift up on the locking mechanism again,,,,,now,, if i insert the mag and hold it up in the and rack the slide i can pull the trigger and it works good,,,,,whats the deal with this thing
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