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I went to the Range with a buddy of mine a few weeks ago, with his M&P 15/22 and our Ruger Mark III's and our 10/22's. The guy next to us had the new mossberg tactical AR/22. While we were shooting having tons of fun with our stuff, the little kid next to us was just bummbed-out and depressed because his mossberg wouldnt work worth a crap. It was one jam right after the other, with all of his mags and three different kinds of ammo. "What a P.O.S." that thing was... "So we asked the little guy" if he'd ask his dad, if he could just shoot one of ours, and use his own ammo.... 5 minutes later, with our gun's and that little guy was all smiles and fun in the sun... Now he say's it back to the basics and back to the LGS to get his own ruger, or M&P and get rid of that new mossberg P.O.S.
"Glad we could help out" and I was thrilled to see the kid smile so much, "not even our kid" just some other guy at the range, who came down there with his kid to have fun.... "Awesome" experience all around...
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