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i would not recommend have any oil what so ever in the chamber...ever. i use a bore snake or a patch to make sure all oils are out of the chamber. 50k psi next to my face is bad enough..wanna make sure that bullet leaves the barrel and not get caught up by a crap ton of oil. but the bcg and all contacting/sliding parts should be well lubed but not so much all of the carbon and dirt sticks to the interior of the gun. i too have a sig m400 and love it, although i had a streak of paranoia where i thought the barrel chrome was flaking (which i dont think it was at all now) and the bolt i swapped out for a bcm bolt. had a bad jam when i first got her where a rock and the bolt lug made some pretty sever contact so i changed it just in case. the sig m400 is a great gun. love it.
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