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Proper Lubrication for M-4

I took my new Sig M400 out for a spin tonight at the local indoor range. I only had one problem. My first round in the second mag (shot #21) didn't extract. It firmly remained in the chamber. The range operator dislodged it for me and mentioned two things:

1. AR's don't like steel cases. I was using a steel case since it was cheaper as well as the only non-FMJ I could find locally (the indoor range cannot allow FMJ).

2. My AR was way too dry. He inserted several drops of oil and cycled the bolt a few times. After that, I finished up 100 more rounds without a single problem.

I have always been afraid of too much oil since it can attract dust and dirt. That being said, should I be able to see a visible layer of oil in the main chamber and bolt of the weapon? After field stripping and cleaning this evening, I sprayed just bit of RemOil in the chamber and on the bolt, then cycled the bolt a few times. It's not dripping or running, but I could see that it was lubed up.

I'm looking for advice on lubrication and curious if others have had problems with steel cased ammo.
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