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" I find that holsters add unnecessary bulk, and I have tried just about every style holster out there. For the past 2 years I have been carrying daily by cutting out the back pocket of old jeans and sewing them into my pants and shorts. Not only is it comfortable but extremely concealable. Think of it as pocket carry but not in the traditional sense, and the benefit over traditional pocket carry is the butt of the pistol sticks out of your waistline so you can grab your pistol without having to dig your hand into a pocket."

I have tried every style of carry there is - even started making my own holsters - to solve the comfort while carrying issue.


I have to say.....that is one heck of an idea ! It never occurred to me - but it sounds terrific ! I did experiment with inside the waistband, without a holster, using a clip. I found, like you, that eliminating the holster itself gets rid of a lot of bulk. But, I am reluctant to carry without some sort of holster - so I haven't adopted the technique. Your idea (essentially adding a built-in soft holster to your pants or shorts) - would solve that perfectly !

Thanks for the great idea ! Now to work out the details......
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