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I was using hornady match 120gr A-max's, and every few shots, the bolt would come back hard. On about the 25th round fired, the bolt flat-out refused to come back with any reasonable tugging. I got it home and removed the scope. After a few firm bumps with my palm, it still refused to budge. I finally got the round unseated after some careful tapping with a rubber mallet. Nothing appeared to be wrong with the casing, but not having a Mike I couldn't tell for sure. I called the place I bought the gun from and they said that overpressuring seems to be a common thing with the hornady 6.5 creeds. I do believe I will get into handloading.
I haven't heard that about factory ammo. IME, factory Hornady ammo is loaded below the cartridges potential regarding pressure.

It sounds like you have a chamber issue. Improperly cut or maybe a bur was left in there. I would clean the barrel / chamber and if it still had issues, I would send it back to Savage.

If you did consider the 6.5x47 Lapua, why did you decide on the Creedmoor?
6.5x47 brass costs over twice as much as Hornady brass. The Horn brass is good stuff; I'm not saying it's Lapua quality, but close enough after prep. YMMV.
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