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I've had that kinda visit myself on a couple occations... Once in Salt Lake taking my AR-15 from my trunk into the house... and another one taking my FAL from my trunk into the house.

Both times it was like "Sir, we have a report of a man with a gun."
"Your looking at him."
"I took my semi auto rifle from my trunk and locked it back up in my house because I have been shooting at the PMAA Range all day. In a few minutes I will be cleaning them... and in the morning I am going to be doing the same thing all over again so you can tell Mrs Rose across the fence to either get used to it or to move away."
"You dont have to get hostile, Sir."
"Cur, I think I have every right to get pissed when some old bitty gets nervous and calls out the posse on me for minding my own business."
"You've already checked me out before you even arrived here so you can either come in and help me clean my guns, arrest me for something stupid, or you can go and tuck Mrs Rose in for the night."

I forgot what else was said - but it didn't go much longer than that.
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