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Since I am basically a novice to reloading I think I just need to find the correct weight bullets to load for my 45 and since my wife's son has a .45 Colt revolver get some brass for it and just use the bullets I have for that gun. Of course that will mean buying a new set of dies for that gun.
Another to say "Good Call".

Using heavy bullets in a M1911 is a poor idea. I have had standard weight, 200-230 grain bullets peen out the frame on a Colt Combat Elite, and while I am of the opinion that the Colt left the factory improperly fitted, the fact that these auto pistols will peen the frame when slide speeds are too high have made me leery of heavy bullets and high pressure loads in an autopistol.

You did not offer the serial number of the pistol in question but all M1911 production ended somewhere around WW2. There are many pre war Colts floating around and the very early ones were not heat treated. Shooting high pressure or hard recoiling rounds in a pistol you cannot replace is a bad idea and shooting them in a pistol that is made of dead soft steels is a worse idea.
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