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Re: Small of back holster for my dad

Originally Posted by JimmyR View Post
Personally, I would avoid a small of back (SOB) holster. I have considered them myself at various times, but after doing some research and looking for reccomendations, have found no real reason take the leap.

Main reasons I have seen to avoid SOB holsters are:

1) Distance away from potential target- you have officially placed your weapon as far as possible away from any target you face.

2) Difficult/Impossible to draw quickly without covering people in a 90-130 degree arc from your target.

3) Risk of injury if you fall on your back, increasingly risk of back/spine injury.

4) Often uncomfortable to carry, especially when sitting.
Agreed. Maybe if you Father were to read what others have said then he might be more open to more effective/safe ways to carry. I say that but then my Father will not carry anything but in a shoulder rig.

Good luck in the holster search. I am more of the buy once, cry once type when it comes to holsters.
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