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I do too, because it is closer in description to what a person in the 1882 and later time frame might have had access to. I don't know the numbers and models manufactured by Sharps, but I am assuming there were far more rifles and carbines than there were types with 32 inch octagon barrels and long distance sights.

When I think of those times I try to apply as much reason as I am able, given that I don't study the period as much as others do.

For example:

How many Sharp's Carbines of the 1874 model were manufactured in total?

What was the population of what we could have called the "frontier" or the "wild west" in 1882?

If every Sharps that was manufactured found its way into the hands of a "frontier" or "wild west" family (which is unlikely) what is the likelihood that any given family would have had one?

Take it one step further.

Lets say an operating Sharps was owned by a given family in, say Kansas in 1882. What is the likelihood that that family consistently had ammunition to shoot it? Ability to afford it? Availability of the ammunition?

I know how much I have to shoot in order to stay at a minimum level of competence. Could that Kansas family afford to buy enough ammo to get good with the rifle?

My vision began to decline once I reached the age of 20. I think that a decline in vision associated with age is and has always been a part of human development. Certainly some have good uncorrected vision into their senior years, but I think the decline is a more common phenomenon.

So if 60% of the population who would use a Sharps also has vision which is a good bit less than perfect, what percentage of that population in Kansas, could afford, would have access to corrective lenses? How many of them would even be conscious of the decline in vision? Mine declined so slowly that I needed glasses long before I got them.

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