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Here we go...

Thanks for the kind words gentleman.

Finally got time today to shoot the Tingle. 1st, I wanted to build a loading stand for it, so I headed to my shop (the fortress of solitude), did that and got out all the stuff to shoot.

Have a nice place to shoot here at home (the Antler Bar) on the back of the house, complete with an exhaust fan to clear the smoke!

Spent the rest of the day shooting/tweaking. Started out with 40 gr Swiss 3F... BIG BARK!!! Eventually dialed back to 20 gr. The pistol really liked 20 gr. I started out at 25 yds. with an official NRA Slow Fire Pistol Target. It was centered pretty well but shooting high. I made several trips to my shop and milled down the rear sight a few thousands at a time. Finally got it shooting sweet. This last pic is my last two shots.

I was really impressed how consistently this pistol shot. It took the normal amount of tweaking to get it dialed but nothing out of the ordinary. It does have one flaw though. The nipple area is so tight it's impossible to get a nipple wrench in there. I had to use needle-nose pliers to tighten/loosen the nipple. It also has an Allen screw above the nipple to adjust the rear sight side to side.

thickice: I did know Tingle made add-on shoulder stocks for these. Never have seen one. Sounds like you made a great trade!

Pahoo & Beagle, Yes, it is very easy to clean!

BBB: Thank you sir!

Old Stony: I agree, I think it's been blasted and re-blued.

4V50 Gary:

Rifleman: Unique for sure!

Pahoo: Indeed it has a hair trigger. I like that though but like you say, don't have your finger anywhere near the trigger until ready to shoot.

SS McGee: I read Tingle started making pistols in 1959 and died in 1978. His designs pre-dated many others that followed.

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