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Funny thing about love of a firearm design and lately I have been thinking about this more and more. Aesthetics have always had a huge influence on my gun choices. 40 something years ago I was absolutely ga-ga about a vent rib barrel. I had eyes for nothing else. I bought a brand spankin' new 4 inch Diamondback back then and still have it today. But as I read through this thread, one thought kept popping up in my mind and I didn't see anyone else mention this (so maybe it's just me !). As the decades rolled by, my taste changed. I found myself becoming infatuated with more of a plain barrel, such as a Colt Official Police or a Smith model 10. One thing never changed though, I still love a 3 or 4 inch barrel. But I think what happened to me over a period of time is that I have come to love the Smith's and the Colt's equally, rib or no rib. I pick them up and they hold many memories and I find myself admiring their fine quality.

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