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recent experience

Its funny to see this thread on here today considering I had my Savage 12 LRP out for the first time just yesterday. Its a heavy rifle, weighing in at around 13 lbs. That being said, the felt recoil on these rounds are very tame, I could have shot that gun all day. Now, as for accuracy, I had a 7/8" group off a cheap bipod at 200yds. No complaints on accuracy whatsoever. However, a complaint on the ammo manufacturer. I was using hornady match 120gr A-max's, and every few shots, the bolt would come back hard. On about the 25th round fired, the bolt flat-out refused to come back with any reasonable tugging. I got it home and removed the scope. After a few firm bumps with my palm, it still refused to budge. I finally got the round unseated after some careful tapping with a rubber mallet. Nothing appeared to be wrong with the casing, but not having a Mike I couldn't tell for sure. I called the place I bought the gun from and they said that overpressuring seems to be a common thing with the hornady 6.5 creeds. I do believe I will get into handloading.
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