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45 ACP reloading question

A while back I acquired a quantity of 45 ACP brass from an estate sale. I have done a very small amount of reloading a number of years ago for a hunting rifle I have. I have a Colt 1911 45 that was my fathers service weapon in the Korean war which is why I bought the brass. After purchasing the brass I bought some bullets online to use for loading the brass I got. Well it turns out that the bullets are apparently for a 45 Colt. They are 250 grain, .451 plated HPs. They are Nosler brand and the box does say revolver. The site I bought them from did not specify their exact usage. Is it possible to use these for my 1911 or am I just SOL? I have seen a couple of references to bullets being as heavy as 260 grains for the ACP but don't know if what I have is the same as an ACP bullet. Any help greatly appreciated.
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