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M1 Carbine?????

Hello to all, this is my first post so please be gentle. Before it comes up, I have researched the threads and I have found several answers but none of the cases previously written were like mine. If everyone can give me their opinion, I would greatly appreciate it.

I know, you are all thinking, "Great, another M1 thread." LOL......

So, my father recently passed away. He was a former US Marine who served in Korean and Vietnam. He enlisted in the Marines in 1950. In 1962 be bought an M1 Carbine from the Government and he still has the original bill of sale for the rifle. I remember him telling me that there was a huge surplus of M1's for sale in those days so he picked one up. On the bill of sale, it even says he bought it for $10.......

Now that I inherited the rifle, I began looking at it. On the bill of sale, it clearly says "M1A Carbine" with the matching serial # that is on the rifle but as I look at the receiver, it is stamped with an "M," then a space where the 1 should be, then remains blank for several millimeters then where the receiver begins to round you see a very faint "2." The "2" is not like the deep "M" stamp either. It is a light, double lined "2". You almost cant make out the "2". So it shocked me because the bill of sale says "M1A." The rifle is an Inland Div, GM Carbine with a serial # of 6,69X,XXX. After researching, I know it was made between 01/1945-08/1945.

I took the rifle apart, and it does not have any of the features that an M2 have, sear, bar, housing pin, hammer, or that block with the sping on top of it that goes with the hammer.

So my question is what do you guys think? I read the threads where people say "Once a machine gun, always a machine gun." I also read where people said that just possessing it is a felony cause it has the "2" on it.

I'm sure most responses will be to call the BATF, I'm scared to do so. Not for criminal aspects, because I just came into ownership of this rifle but I'm more scared because my father bought it so long ago while he was still in the Marines. It is a great heirloom and would like to keep it in the family as a memory to my father. My father did not carry this weapong in Korea but he did carry an M2. Thats why he bought it because he loved the M2.

Ok, so time for opinions and comments. Is there a site that can check the serial # and see if it was made as an M1 then converted to an M2? But I read that the M1's that were converted were double stamped on top of each other.... I'm at a loss.

Thank you to all. I do appreciate the help....
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