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What to do with old shotguns?

My dad turned 70 last month, and although he's in fine health I guess he's coming to grips with mortality or something. He dumped 5 shotguns on me that i didn't even know he had. They are:

A Colt's Mfg. 12 ga. side-by-side with external hammers
A Winchester Model 1897 12 ga.
A Winchester Model 1912 20 ga.
A Winchester Model 12 12 ga.
A Marlin lever action .410

Except for the Colt, they all appear to be in functioning shootable condition, but dad said NOT to shoot them because it might hurt their value. Not that he had any idea what there values are. None hold any sentimental value except for the Model 12 which was dad's when he was a kid.

Honestly, I'd just like to take them (except the Colt) out to the skeet range to see if I can hit anything with them. What's a gun for if not to shoot?
I can't sell them as long as dad is around, but if they really are worth something, maybe I want to preserve their value.
Or I can hang them on the wall.
Or I can just leave them sitting in a gun safe for the next generation like dad did. But that seems like a waste.

Opinions please?
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