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Well, I just got back from the range. Gun ran 100%!

I only put 100 rounds of minimags thru it, as I don't wanna use up all my 22 ammo in one trip. (I shot one of my Berettas first)

I will say this - I have had zero interest in 22s before. I did not grow up with a parent teaching me. So, I never had much exposure to a 22. And, while I have a buckmark, it really bores me. I haven't shot it in like 4 years - and I've only saved it to help teach my son.

This is my first 22 rifle. And, wow, I am hooked. This thing is a lot of fun. Also being that it looks like an AR, I think that makes it even more fun for me. Plus, the EOtech cranks up my enjoyment level of the gun too.

I am very happy I bought it. I've flipped back and forth on selling the EOtech and buying a 2nd Mepro reflex sight with the triangle - like I have on my Steyr AUG. Just for consistency... But my son likes the EOtech more. And for a kid, I think it will be easier for him to aim, over using a triangle point. So, I'll probably keep it.

I had used a laser bore sighter before I left, so I was almost on target to begin with. Was very fast to zero the optic
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