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I have used a net when the bugs are bad. Can't see well enough on a dark overcast days with a net. I can say that the glasses thing would be something for you to work on. I have had deer walk over and check them out. I use photo rays and they are dark enough so that the eyes can not be seen. I have also had squirrels, and a grouse walk up to check them out too. Develop something to hide glasses and then you would really have something. I usually sit in blowdowns or other cover during gun season and really don't move my head around much. I used to smoke a lot and wore brown cotton gloves. I noticed that really helped and made a big difference. Deer pick out your moving white hands over a hundred yards away. I guess if you bop your head around a lot a mask may be what you need. Since I started reading this Forum I now realize that the hunting areas really dictate what people use to hunt.
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