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There are a lot of young people involved with handguns, and a lot of them are women. Their interest, though, is in self defense. I've spoken with some who mention with pride that they, perhaps, have a Detective Special or the like but they don't have a display case full of collector firearms.

Within the people I meet there are those who just want a reliable self defense weapon. There isn't much of a pride factor. Others choose higher end examples - perhaps a SIG P238 over a Ruger LCP - and express satisfaction with their selection, but the overarching point is that they aren't collectors - they've chosen to do what is necessary to protect themselves and their families.

I guess when you think about it they have a similar mindset to the people who bought the guns people now collect in the first place - it's just hard to imagine someone 20 years from now getting all excited about collecting black plastic .380's.

The preceding is just my experience with those people I meet.
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