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Remington 721 / 722.

Post WW2; Mike Walker at Remington Arms led a team that developed the model 721 (long action) / 722 (short action), bolt action rifle. First offered in 1948, with "3 rings of steel", this was THE strongest bolt action ever developed, & retailed for much less than the Winchester model 70. The 721 was super rugged & accurate too. The Walker trigger system was crisp and clear, and quickly caught the attention of hunters and target shooters around the globe. The standard 721 is a rather plain Jane rifle, not as pretty as the Winchester model 70 offered for sale in that era, but the Remington was stronger, less expensive & would (& some still will), shoot like a SOB!

The 721 later developed / upgraded into the model 700 around 1962. The rest is history.

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