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Tingle MFG. CO.

Just bought this pistol today. Got it from my pal and local BP gun shop owner Bill Hammond. This is a rare and strange one. Made by Bob Tingle of Shelbyville, Indiana. He passed away in 1978. His story from "Gun Digest" can be seen at: it's worth the read.

Single shot .45 cal. Very little to no info is available on these pistols. Never was a manual. Bill and I measured the barrel ID and as close as we can figure, it should take a .445 ball with a .015 patch. This is where I will start anyway. Will shoot it tomorrow and give you a full report good, bad or otherwise.

A few pics to go along with this.

The nameplate:

Side view:

Under the barrel, there is an Allen-set-screw. Loosen it just a bit to remove the barrel.

With the barrel removed. It comes out, breech, nipple and all.

Nipple (breech) end of the barrel: Treso, (AMPCO) nipple. Looks like it's been dry-fired a few times...

Well gentleman, what say ye?

Will update tomorrow with target pics, powder used, distance, etc.

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