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Strange thing happens with brake on Rem. 700. SPS Tactical AAC-SD

I have something very odd happening when I remove the muzzle brake from my Rem. 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308. It has me baffled an I'm wondering if anyone can explain it.

First, I have a 700 BDL in 30-06. Shoots dead center without brake. Install brake and naturally the group shift but it groups to same POI. Pull brake group moves back to center.

The SPS AAC .308 shots center without brake. Install brake group moves but groups. Now here's the strange thing. Pull the brake and I have no idea where the next shot goes. Poof it gone somewhere off target. Second shot is a couple or 4" inches low and 1" off to the right. Then it groups center again. It has done the exact same thing three different times on two separate range trips. I can't figure out why it throws the first shot after the brake is removed so far off the mark the second closer but still way off then back to POA = POI.

Both the 30-06 BDL and .308 SPS AAC-SD are in Bell & Carlson M-40 stocks. Both are torqued to the same torque speck (55 in. pounds according to B & C instruction). Bed is clean, no obstructions under barrel. SPS action has been out of the stock and has been inspected and double checked. I'm positive nothing is touching the barrel an the action is tight.

PS, it's being shot off a Caldwell rest not the by-pod.

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