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This is a really interesting thread. I tend to agree with most of the points made, that in general younger shooters are not interested in old/antique guns. What I notice among the people my age (24 here) if they do have an interest in old guns, its nearly always entirely centered around Mil-surp rifles. I've seen eyes light up at the range when I take out my Savage model 1919 and folks think it's some unusual battle rifle, then go dead-eyed when I explain it's a .22 match rifle. Just trying to get the super-ninja behind the counter at various local gun stores to understand that yes, there is such thing as 2 1/2" 12 gauge shells is a chore, they instantly want to sell me the latest tactical Remington/Mossberg "shotty". For better or worse I think the next 20 years will see a lot of the interest in antiques drying up. My real concern is what happens to these guns when the current crop of collectors passes on. Will their children or grandchildren have any idea what all those guns are and where to get good money for them? Or will they simply go to some buy-back program?
On that note, if any of you collectors would like to share your antiques with me for future care feel free
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