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Originally Posted by 4V50 Gary
9mmFan - that's a nice one. Original grips and older flap holster. Good photo composition.
Thanks. Found the gun at Cabela's at all places. Sold a Tomcat I didn't end up carrying to a friend, and had a couple gift cards. Covered everything except $4 and the tax.

I have to admit that the holster is not old. I ordered it from a costume shop around 2007, I think it was, for my first gun, a 4" M64. It's their "Raiders" holster. I was pleasantly surprised that the quality is actually pretty good. It's nice and thick. I'm not trotting around the globe with it, but it works well for transporting the gun to the range and occasionally carrying around on camping trips. If I cut a notch out for the rear sight, my M28 seems like it ought to fit as well.
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