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Monday cleaning session.

I have not had a chance yet to tell you guys about what happened Monday without the boss looking over my shoulder at home. She would be none to thrilled. Monday while cleaning my guns I got a visit from SL Counties finest. They got a call about a man with a gun. Now I set up a table in the front of my garage and the Blazer was behind me so I am very curious how they saw me. You guys have seen the garage, I was up front next to the fridge. Anyway I get **** scared when he pulls up, the last one came to tell me about my first wife. So he starts with the questions and I interupted him and ask if Meagen was ok. He looks at me like I'm speaking greek and says he has no idea, thats not why he's here. I relax and so does he, but now 2 more pull up. Anyway he asks about premits for them and what not and I had to explain the law to him. He had to know there would be guns on the premisis, my CCW would have come up on the computer right? I explained to him that as an FFL I could have 100 of these guns here without notifing anyone or any special permits, I would need special paperwork if they were machine guns which these weren't. Cop2 asks about the class III paperwork so I tell him (can I say I am suprised at this point. Either they are dumber than rocks or are feeling me out for my familiararity with the law). He finds it amusing and says that kind of process should keep civilians from bothering with the paperwork. I happily told him that there were more than 20,000 NFA pieces (yep, had to explain that too) in Utah, which was more than the police had. That set real well but at this point I'm just being a very polite dick. At this point cop3, the oldest asks if I sell to LEO's and I said sure at cost plus 10%. Now I'm their best friend. We shot the **** for a while and exchanged cards and I told them they were welcome to come to the next shoot as long as they brought some cool toys. Everyone left happy and calm, but now I am wondering who saw me and how. I am more worried about a break in but all I keep at the house is a shotgun and my daily carries. Of course joe busybody doesn't know that. Any suggestions?
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